Hi- I’m Jen and I’m the designer, stone sourcer, creator/metalsmith, customer service representative, photographer, shipper and anything else that needs done for this business. 

Silver Thistle Studio represents a dream of mine, one that I held close to my heart for many years but was too afraid to take a chance on. I was, formerly, a contract analyst for a large health care corporation and although that job provided my family with a comfortable and steady income, it left me feeling empty and searching for something to feed my soul. After the birth of my son, my husband encouraged me to follow my passion for metalsmithing because if not now, then when?

After the diagnosis of chronic disease in my family, we started looking for alternative methods of healing for our bodies and discovered Ayurveda and other ancient forms of medicine. I started learning about the healing powers of gemstones and we have witnessed firsthand the energies that they possess. Although I am aware that gemstones will not cure a disease or illness, I do firmly believe that they can have a daily impact on emotions, pain, and energy and this is why my jewelry highlights those properties. 

It is my sincere hope that my work can bring happiness and healing to those who wear it. I pour my heart and soul, blood, sweat (and occasionally some tears) into every piece that I create. At this time everything is made in my home studio by my two hands from wire and sheet metal. I may, down the road, add cast pieces that I will hand carve in my studio as well.