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Stone information

Turquoise (blue,green, yellow)

Mined around the world, but most notably (for my jewelry) in the Southwestern United States. Turquoise has been considered a holy or magic stone since the Middle Ages.

This type of stone is beneficial for numerous physical ailments including, but not limited to, treatment for infections of the throat and lungs, detoxifying, reduction of inflammation as well as pain relief.

It also helps with depression and self-confidence by stabilizing moods and giving new energy.


Labradorite (blue, green, purple)

This stone was discovered in Canada in the late 18th century and displays a flashy play of colors that change based on lighting. It is a symbol of creativity and fantasy.

These are helpful physically for bone and joint problems as well as psychologically for improving intuition and providing a calming effect on the wearer.


Carnelian (red)

Seen as magical since the time of the Egyptians, Carnelian is one of the oldest protective gemstones in history.

This stone can aid in digestion, formation of new blood cells and stimulation of circulation.

Psychologically the energy from Carnelian can enhance stability and increase vitality. The wearer may find themselves more eager to perform daily tasks while wearing this stone.


Moonstone (white, pink, brown)

This has been the stone of “love and lovers” for centuries due to its association with the moon.

Moonstone promotes healthy hormonal balance as well as fertility in women. It can alleviate menstrual pain, aid in the lymphatic system as well as with digestion.

Psychologically, Moonstone stimulates love and sensitivity while reducing anxiety and providing an inner harmony.


Fluorite (blue, purple, yellow, green)

This stone has been called the home of rainbows and is believed to combine healing properties from most other healing stones.

Fluorite can reduce pain and stiffness in joints, break energy blockages, aid in respiratory issues and skin diseases. Psychologically, this stone can ease narrow-mindedness and promote responsibility.


Sugilite (purple)

Discovered in Africa in 1944 by a Japanese scientist, Sugilite is believed by some to highlight the destructive power of cosmic radiation.

This stone is very beneficial for the nervous system- reducing pain and helping in the treatment of epilepsy.

Psychologically, Sugilite helps us act logically with self control. Some believe that it guards against megalomania.


Opal (white, black, blue)

Said to contain the tears of Zeus following his victory over the Titans, opals have been seen as magical for centuries.

These stones can regulate metabolism, reduce inflammation and has also been linked to the heart, and stomach.

Psychologically, Opal restores inner harmony in its wearer while benefiting the psyche. It is believed to be one of the most powerful stones for the soul in meditation.